Everyone Should Be Using Microsoft 365, Here Is Why

Everyone has heard of Microsoft; being one of the biggest organisations in the world and one of the first organisations to pioneer the personal computer and operating systems, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are major components of every student learning and most major organisations world-wide.  There are many benefits to Microsoft 365 that are not […]

Y 365?

An intro to Microsoft 365 Heard of Microsoft 365 but not sure exactly what it is? Well you’ve come to the right place! In this article we’re going to cover the basics of Microsoft 365 including some of it’s key components and their uses. Sound good? Let’s jump in! What is Microsoft 365? Fundamentally, Microsoft […]

OneDrive vs. SharePoint – Keep control of your data

All about semantics A question we hear regularly from companies getting started in with Office 365 is “Where should I put my files?”. Every licensed user has access to their own OneDrive and thanks to Microsoft’s consumer marketing a fair portion of users have heard of or used OneDrive before. This is a great start […]