The internet is full of virus’, malware and phishing attacks; the internet can be a dangerous place for those who don’t know the warning signs of malicious behaviour. In this blog we are going to discuss the EMOTET malware/virus that has been in circulation since around 2014; recently, a few of our clients have reported […]

Essential 8 Guidelines

The Essential Eight While no single mitigation strategy is guaranteed to prevent cyber security incidents, organisations are recommended to implement eight essential mitigation strategies as a baseline. This baseline, known as the Essential Eight, makes it much harder for adversaries to compromise systems. Furthermore, implementing the Essential Eight proactively can be more cost-effective in terms […]

Multifactor Authentication

Why do so many of websites, programs and apps ask us for our phone number when we sign up now? Isn’t a password enough to verify who I am? Nope.  Multifactor authentication has taken the world by storm in the last few years.  Chances are, you have heard of multifactor authentication in some conversation or […]