At Y365, we can enhance your experience and the productivity of your team through our range of other products and support services. As well as enabling your team with Microsoft 365 and deploying customised solutions to improve collaboration and workflows, we can also support you with the following:

Managed Services

We can further support your team’s productivity by ensuring all your hardware and software solutions are running effectively and as they are supposed to. Your team members should be able to concentrate on what they do best. Leave the managing of your hardware and software to our certified team of IT support technicians. We provide a range of Managed IT support services, ensuring your networks scale as your business scales. Our team of technicians are available when you need them.


We can provide you with voice solutions that integrate with your other software products, allowing your team to connect with each other and your clients via the phone.

Customised Solutions

We can provide your team with customised software. If there is a specific problem or opportunity for your business we can ensure that a solution is developed for your needs. If Microsoft 365 cannot solve your problem out of the box, we can tailor a customised solution for your needs.

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