Enterprise Grade Email Security with Microsoft 365

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Email is the cornerstone of modern business communication. Think about how often you use it, it’s hard not to use it in an everyday business environment.

However, email can also pose a significant security threat if not appropriately secured. Thankfully, Exchange Online offers small businesses a full enterprise-grade email solution to protect their users against a range of security threats.

With advanced phishing and spam prevention mechanisms, Exchange Online uses Heuristic Analysis to identify spam and protect users from potential cyberattacks. By filtering out spam and phishing emails, you can ensure your employees’ inboxes remain clear and free from harmful messages.

Exchange Online also provides SafeLinks and SafeAttachments, which protect your users from any malicious links or attachments that do make it through the mail filter. SafeLinks rewrites URLs to direct users through a Microsoft filter, which checks the destination for any signs of phishing or malicious intent. SafeAttachments prevents users from opening suspicious or potentially harmful attachments and can even remove attachments after an email has been delivered.

These features work together to provide small businesses with a secure and reliable email system that keeps your sensitive information safe. With Exchange Online, you can blacklist URLs, remove attachments, and protect your users from a range of security threats.

At y365, we understand the importance of enterprise-grade email security. That’s why we offer solutions to ensure your business’s email security is top-notch.

Call y365 today to find out how we can help secure your business’s email using the tools of Microsoft 365.


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