Intune Administrative Templates now live – a true Group Policy replacement?

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While Intune was good for managing Windows 10 devices, it had always been lacking when compared to traditional the group policy framework using ADMX templates. However as of July 2019, that has changed with Intune now supporting over 2500 different options. In this article, we’ll be taking a look in depth at how to deploy and manage OneDrive for Business through Administrative Templates within Intune. 


At present, there are 29 options configurable through the new templates including automated & silent folder redirection as well as automatic syncing of SharePoint & Teams document libraries, making the transition to cloud-based storage even easier. 

The biggest limitation at the moment is the interface, limiting you to filtering by two categories – Windows or Office. Don’t hold much hope for the search function either at this stage, working intermittently across the three common browsers. 

The great news though is that functionality is great with policies correctly applying across a range of Windows 10 versions without issue. 

Create a Policy 

Utilizing this great new feature is easier than it seems. Within the Device Configuration Profiles blade of the Intune portal, create a new profile with Windows 10 defined as the Platform and Administrative Templates as the Profile Type.


From there it’s a similar experience to traditional Group Policy based management, just without the neat categorisation you’d be accustom to. 

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