Remote Work Risks & Mitigation with Microsoft 365

In this blog, we explore the cybersecurity risks faced by remote teams and provide practical tips for mitigating these risks using Microsoft 365. From strengthening passwords and enabling multi-factor authentication to securing Wi-Fi networks and defending against phishing attacks, we offer actionable strategies to protect sensitive data. Discover how Microsoft 365 can empower your remote workforce with enhanced cybersecurity measures, ensuring a safe and productive remote working environment.

Using Threat Modelling to Reduce your Cyber Security Risk

Threat modelling is a crucial process for businesses to prioritise their cybersecurity efforts and mitigate risks. By identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities, organisations can develop effective risk management strategies. With ongoing review and updates, threat modelling ensures that security measures remain aligned with evolving business objectives, providing a strong defence against cyber incidents.

Unlocking the power of ChatGPT: Best Practises for Responsible AI Use

In today’s digital landscape, the emergence of advanced artificial intelligence language models like ChatGPT has become increasingly prevalent. With both Bing and Google leveraging this powerful technology, its presence in business and personal tools is becoming more ubiquitous. The impact of ChatGPT is revolutionising how businesses interact with customers and accomplish tasks. From generating ideas […]