About Us

Specialising in Microsoft 365, Y365 are your partners in everything IT; 
we believe that IT should empower your business, not be a necessary evil. We’re here to help you with all your IT needs and we pride ourselves on our Microsoft 365 expertise and can streamline your IT processes.

In-House Expertise

With our in-house expertise, we thrive on a challenge. How can you be a better company if you do the same thing every-day? We learn day-in-day-out, which makes us a strong, experienced team of problem solvers.

We Live and Breathe Microsoft

Microsoft 365 is at the heart of our organisation (thus the name!) because we believe it is simply the best value business tooling on the market.

Based in Australia

We have technicians in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales; but thanks to Microsoft 365 we collaborate Australia-wide. Reach out today to find out how we can collaborate with you.

Small Team, Big Knowledge

We are a team of 8 with our own individual skills and specialities. We work collaboratively within our organisation and solve problems together.

Your organisation,
our know-how

No-one knows your organisation better than you so let us help to get technology out of the way so you can do what you do best!

Jeff Cornock

Jeff has 40+ years’ experience, including 20+ years’ experience in various corporate IT roles, followed by 20+ years in consulting and running his own businesses. He has a broad range of personal skills covering; sales, channel development, disaster recovery planning, software development, IT management, the provision of Managed Services and is considered a specialist in systems management and automation.

Andrew Page

After spending 5 years running his own business, Andrew joined the y365 team with the goal of bringing his customers the very best service. Andrew specialises in development, support and implementation of the various facets of Microsoft 365.

Doug Callus

Doug has come to us through his university education, having an interest in IT, he had built on this skillset and become a valuable member of our team. Doug often answers the phone and is the first point of contact. He is always happy to help!

Hywel North

After leaving a successful career as a manager of a well-known Café in Brisbane, he has made the transition to working for y365. Hywel enjoys working with customers to solve their support queries and always manages to have a smile on his face.

Megan Page

Megan has enjoyed learning about marketing all her adult life and followed that into her university education. Living in Melbourne has allowed her to pursue her interests, and has recently taken on a business development role as well as being ‘the’ marketing person here at y365.


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