Debunking More Tech Myths: Separating Myths from Reality (Part 2)

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In the ever-evolving realm of technology, understanding the difference between fact and fiction is paramount. Building on our previous article, we delve deeper into some prevalent tech myths that might be affecting your digital experience. By busting these myths, we aim to provide a bit more knowledge to your arsenal… but also have a bit of fun!

Myth 5: Clearing cache speeds up your computer

Reality: Clearing cache might free up some storage space, but it doesn’t necessarily speed up your computer. The primary purpose of cache is to store frequently used data to deliver it faster upon request. By clearing it, your device may take longer to access frequently used data, slowing the process down, at least temporarily.

Myth 6: Private browsing protects you from malware

Reality: Private or incognito browsing only ensures your activities aren’t saved on the device. Malware and phishing threats remain present. Always ensure you have up-to-date anti-virus software and avoid visiting dubious websites. (Also, just because you’re in private browsing, doesn’t mean your browsing isn’t logged with your ISP (Internet Service Provider)…)

Myth 7: More RAM always means better performance

Reality: While RAM (Random Access Memory) plays a pivotal role in a device’s performance, merely adding more RAM doesn’t guarantee a boost. The performance depends on how you use your device. For basic tasks, an average amount of RAM is sufficient. It’s the demanding tasks like video editing or gaming that require substantial RAM.

Myth 8: Deleting data means it’s gone forever

Reality: Deleted files can often be recovered using specialised software. To truly erase data, one needs to overwrite the storage area. This is why secure deletion tools or methods are recommended when disposing of devices.

Myth 9: WiFi signal strength bars guarantee faster internet

Reality: Those bars indicate the strength of your connection to the router, not the speed of the internet. Your internet speed can still be slow if your ISP is experiencing issues or if the bandwidth is getting heavily used.

Myth 10: Charging phones only when they’re dead preserves battery health

Reality: Modern lithium-ion batteries don’t require a complete drain before recharging. In fact, frequent complete discharges can reduce their lifespan. It’s optimal to charge them when they’re around 20%-30%.


Being tech-savvy means not just using technology but understanding it. By debunking myths, we hope you can navigate the digital world with more clarity. Always rely on trusted sources and research to validate the information.

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