Navigating Cybersecurity in 2024: Key Trends and Tips

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Cybersecurity keeps changing all the time. New threats, new technologies, and new chances come up every year. As we head into 2024, it’s important for all kinds of businesses to know about the current and future cyber threats. They need to plan ahead to stay safe.

Being ahead of the game is really important to protect your digital space. Big changes are happening in cybersecurity. This is because of new technologies and threats that are popping up, and also because of things changing around the world.

Let’s talk about some important things to watch out for in 2024:

1. AI: Both Good and Bad

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been super helpful for cybersecurity. It helps find and stop threats quickly and accurately. But AI also brings new problems, like fake emails and videos made by bad guys. They use AI to trick people by creating fake videos and emails to deceive recipients.

To stay safe, companies need strong security rules. Including emails security and hardware security. Microsoft Intune and Admin settings can help with this. They should also review their AI systems regularly.

2. Quantum Computing: A Big Problem

Quantum computing is still new, but it’s already a big threat to how we keep data safe. It can break the encryption codes used to protect data. Companies should start getting ready for this by finding out how much risk they’re in. Using Microsoft Security Centre, you are able to assess these risks. Then, starting to use new tech that quantum computers can’t break.

3. Hacktivism: More of It

Hacktivism means using hacking for a cause, like fighting for justice. While most people are in favour of activism for a legitimate purpose, when your company is on the block it is a different story. It’s going to happen more in 2024, especially during big events. Hackers might target governments or companies they don’t like. They could cause trouble by messing with their websites or leaking their secrets. Companies need to be ready to defend themselves…. Or act in an ethical manner.

4. Ransomware: Still a Big Deal

Ransomware is a kind of virus that locks up your files until you pay money to unlock them. It’s been causing a lot of trouble for a few years, and it’s not going away. Hackers could use AI to make their viruses even harder to stop. They might also target new things, like cloud services or smart devices. Companies should be ready by keeping backups of their data and teaching their workers to watch out for bad emails. If your business needs help with storage, please reach out to find out just how versatile cloud storage (and security) is. 

5. Cyber Insurance: Getting More Important

Cyber insurance helps companies when they get attacked online. It’s becoming more popular because attacks are happening more often. It can help pay for the damage or give legal help. Insurance companies might start asking for better security from their customers. Companies need to think about if it’s worth it for them to get cyber insurance and make sure they’re following the rules.

Staying Safe Online

Cybersecurity is always changing, so it’s important to be ready for new threats. Companies need to use new tech and make sure their workers know what to look out for. If you need help staying safe online, get in touch with us for a cybersecurity check-up. We can help with training, proactive measures and ongoing testing. 

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