OneDrive vs Sharepoint (Part 2)

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Having discussed the intricacies of OneDrive and SharePoint in a previous blog, many organisations then ask, “What next?” With the evolving digital workspace, Microsoft 365 offers an array of services that integrate seamlessly with each other. Let’s further dissect this suite and its potential storage solutions.

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is more than just a communication tool. It’s a hub for collaboration that integrates with both OneDrive and SharePoint.

Microsoft Teams

  • Purpose: Teams creates a shared workspace where colleagues can chat, meet, share files, and work with business apps.
  • Integration:
    • Files shared in individual chats are stored in the sender’s OneDrive, while files shared within a team are stored in SharePoint.
    • Every team in Microsoft Teams is essentially connected to a SharePoint site.


  • Seamless integration ensures all conversations and documents are available in one place.
  • Teams’ channels can have their dedicated file tabs, making file management more organised.
  • OneDrive’s or SharePoint’s governance policies extend to files shared in Teams.

For a comprehensive collaboration experience, Microsoft Teams stands as a robust platform, merging the best of chats, meetings, and file collaboration.

Planner & To Do: Task Management and Collaboration

While not strictly file storage, Microsoft Planner and To Do are worth mentioning as they integrate into the Office 365 collaboration suite.

Planner & To Do

  • Purpose: To organise teamwork and tasks. While Planner is designed for group tasks and projects, To Do is more personal.
  • Integration:
    • Tasks from Planner can be viewed in Microsoft Teams and To Do.
    • Attachments to tasks are stored in SharePoint.


  • Consolidate all tasks across Microsoft 365 in one place.
  • Streamlines task assignment and monitoring.
  • Attachments benefit from SharePoint’s security and compliance features.

For organisations looking for an integrated task management experience, Planner and To Do fit perfectly within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Looking Ahead: Expanding the Digital Workspace

With the Microsoft 365 suite, the possibilities for streamlined operations and collaborations are vast. Following the recommendations can serve as a roadmap:

  1. Dive into Microsoft Teams for a combined chat, meeting, and collaboration experience.
  2. Utilise Planner & To Do for task management that integrates with other Office 365 tools.
  3. Always align your tools with your organisation’s data governance and compliance policies.

Adventures in Microsoft 365 are limitless. The deeper you dive, the more treasures you uncover. Feel free to ask any other questions you’d like to answer, and we’re here to guide you.

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