What is the Most Secure Way to Share Passwords with Employees?

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Keeping Things Secure with Keeper Password Manager!

So, you know the deal – stolen or weak passwords are like the arch-enemies of cybersecurity for any company. I mean, 80% of data breaches happen because of these sneaky password issues. Hackers just love using stolen, weak, or reused passwords to get into places they shouldn’t be.

But let’s face it, passwords are still a thing. Biometrics and passkeys haven’t totally taken over yet. We’re still stuck with them for websites, apps, and whatnot. So, companies need a way to share passwords with their crew and help them handle their passwords like pros.

Cyber threats are all over the place, and protecting sensitive info is a big deal. Managing passwords properly is a top priority, especially when folks are dealing with more passwords than ever. I mean, LastPass says people have 191 work passwords on average.

Since we can’t escape passwords, what’s the solution to sharing them safely with the team? Enter stage left: password managers! Let’s break down why they’re awesome and probably the easiest way to share passwords with your work buddies.

Why Pick a Business Password Manager?

Okay, so imagine having this super secure digital vault for all your passwords. That’s what Keeper Password Manager does. It’s like the VIP treatment for your passwords. Business versions even sort out work and personal passwords and throw in some admin functions to make sure you never lose a crucial password.

One-Stop Password Shop

The best part about password managers is they gather all your passwords in one safe place. No more weak, repeat passwords or keeping them in sketchy spots. The password manager locks everything up in a secret vault, making things super secure. Plus, it makes sharing passwords with your team a breeze.

Lock and Key Encryption

Keeper Password Manager doesn’t mess around with security. It uses heavy-duty encryption to turn your passwords into unreadable code when stored and sent. This makes it almost impossible for shady characters to get their hands on your info when you’re sharing passwords with the crew.

Sharing Secrets Safely

Here’s the cool part – password managers let you share passwords without actually showing them. Admins can share passwords with the team without giving away the actual characters. It’s like sharing the magic without revealing the trick. Perfect for getting new team members on board or collaborating on projects that need access to specific accounts.

Double-Check with MFA

Lots of password managers support something called multi-factor authentication (MFA). It’s like an extra security guard for your accounts, making sure there are two or more verifications before anyone gets in. According to Microsoft, this drops the risk of unauthorised access by a whopping 99.9%. Essential stuff for businesses sharing sensitive info with their peeps.

Superhero Passwords

These password managers often come with built-in password generators. They create those strong, complex passwords for your accounts. When sharing passwords, you can use these superhero-generated passwords, making sure your team isn’t using weak ones or recycling them across different accounts.

Spy on Suspicious Stuff

Password managers also let you keep tabs on what’s going down. Admins can track who accessed which passwords and when. It’s like having a cyber detective on the case, ensuring everything’s on the up and up. Great for spotting any funny business and taking action ASAP.

Sharing Secrets Outside the Circle

And here’s the kicker – password managers make it safe to share credentials with outside folks, like collaborators or freelancers. You can give them a limited pass to specific passwords without risking security. Perfect for businesses working with external teams without losing control of their passwords.

Ready to Rock with Keeper Password Manager?

So, in a nutshell, Keeper Password Manager is like the superhero of password safety. It’s the key to sharing passwords with your work buddies securely and conveniently. For businesses looking to amp up their cybersecurity game and keep their sensitive info locked down, investing in a password manager is a smart move. If you need help getting your hands on one, give us a call today!

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